Canon XEED WUX5000


The XEED WUX5000 benefits from LCOS technology delivering 5000 lumens, WUXGA resolution, Full HD support and motorised interchangeable lenses - redefining image quality for installation projectors.


    • Native WUXGA resolution and Full HD capability (1080p)
    • LCOS technology
    • 5000 lumens (4000lm in Quiet Mode)
    • 1000:1 contrast ratio
    • Motorised lens shift, zoom and focus
    • 3 interchangeable lens options
    • Advanced RGB and gamma adjustment
    • DVI and HDMI inputs
    • PJLink compatible Network port

Detaljne karakteristike

Detaljnije pogledajte Canon XEED WUX5000

Perfect combination for great image quality

The XEED WUX5000 raises the quality bar for installation projectors. Projecting at WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1200 pixels) it delivers images from PC or Macintosh with exceptional clarity and reproduces Full HD video in perfect detail. Canon LCOS technology delivers stunning image quality, which overcomes the typical side-effects of conventional image projection that causes unwanted 'lattice' or 'rainbow' effects.

Exceptional performance

The XEED WUX5000 employs the latest generation of Canon's AISYS optical system, delivering a powerful 5000 lumens for all content, irrespective of colour. AISYS optimises the performance of the LCOS panels, for results that achieve "real" colour brightness. A high 1000:1 contrast ratio ensures vivid colours and excellent black levels. Delta-E colour matching is exceptional and very close to professionally calibrated devices.

Canon's interchangeable motorised lenses

A range of high-quality motorised interchangeable lenses are available for the XEED WUX5000. The standard 1.5x zoom lens is ideal for most installations, while a 1.7x long-focus zoom lens is available for larger venues. The ultra-wide fixed lens is perfect for rear projection. Canon's High-quality lenses have been designed specifically to maximise brightness with exceptional image definition and geometry.

Advanced installation features

For easy operation the motorised zoom, focus and lens shift features can be altered by the remote control to an accuracy of half a pixel. The XEED WUX5000 has the perfect control necessary for single or multiple projector installs, such as 3D, stacking, blended systems and domes.

Flexible integration and versatile connectivity

Both DVI-D and HDMI ports connect the XEED WUX5000 with high-definition digital sources. There's also a 15-pin VGA terminal and three mini-jacks

Specifikacije proizvoda

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For powerful brightness and a high contrast ratio

Za snažnu osvetljenost i veliki kontrast

Full HD video reproduced in perfect detail

Reprodukcija Full HD video zapisa uz savršene detalje


HDMI priključak

Industry standard control protocol

Upravljački protokol koji predstavlja industrijski standard