Canon XEED WUX6000


Achieve genuinely breath-taking images with Canon's flagship installation projector. It features native WUXGA resolution, 6000 lumens colour brightness, and a choice of five high-quality optional lenses.


    • Achieve detailed, ultra-realistic images with native WUXGA resolution
    • Deliver outstanding brightness with 6000 lumens and a 2000:1 contrast ratio
    • Create vivid images with accurate colours, using LCOS panel technology
    • Choose from five high-quality interchangeable Canon projection lenses
    • Powered lens shift, zoom and focus for fast and accurate installation
    • Project picture-by-picture from two digital sources
    • New advanced image processor includes features like hardware edge blending, picture-by-picture and four corner keystone correction
    • Easy access to the lamp and air filter helps keep maintenance costs down

Detaljne karakteristike

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Images to captivate your audience

Enjoy a new standard from Canon XEED installation projectors with the WUX6000. You'll achieve vivid, detailed images from both computer and video-based sources - thanks to the native WUXGA resolution, which also supports Full HD. Canon's unique AISYS optical engine produces 6000 lumens brightness and a 2000:1 contrast ratio to deliver clear images, even in high ambient light levels.

Advanced LCOS panel technology

The LCOS (Liquid Crystal On Silicon) panels work in combination with the Canon AISYS system to produce outstandingly smooth images. Colours are true, and images are free from the unwanted 'lattice' and 'rainbow' effects that are often seen with other panel technologies. The LCOS technology featured in the WUX6000 delivers an outstanding 96% aperture ratio, making the WUX6000 ideal for environments that demand smooth yet detailed images.

Five flexible, interchangeable Canon lenses

You can pair your WUX6000 with the perfect lens for every environment, with a range of five superb-quality Canon projection lenses to choose from. You'll achieve outstanding accuracy and superior installation flexibility, using the powered vertical and horizontal lens shift, accurate to within half a pixel. Each lens benefits from Canon's renowned technology, and delivers the precise geometry, sharp focus and accuracy you would expect from a leader in imaging optics.

Twin digital inputs for extra impact

The WUX6000's choice of inputs gives you maximum flexibility. With both DVI and HDMI inputs, it's the ideal projector for applications like video conferencing that demand picture-by-picture imaging. Picture-by-picture projection can be achieved from either two digital sources, or from one digital and one analogue source.

Powerful features put you in control

The WUX6000 gives you effortless flexibility and control over image presen

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