Océ SDD BGB1208 Perfect Binder

Océ SDD BGB1208 Perfect Binder

The Océ SDD BGB1208 Perfect Binder produces books and documents of varying thicknesses and media types, up to 350 sheets (700 pages). The powerful SDD BGB1208 Perfect Binder allows you to publish professionally every time on demand.


  • Full card covers are wrapped around the collated pages to form a book.
  • The variety and number of different covers available for binding are almost endless.
  • A window can be placed in the cover with options for size and position.
  • Most types of pre-printed covers can be accommodated.

Detaljne karakteristike

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Perfect binding, the finishing touch

Perfect book binding requires immaculate finishing. A three-knife trimmer module is available on the Océ SDD BGB1208 Perfect Binder ensuring each glued book is bound perfectly and ready for distribution.

A modular system for ultimate binding versatility

The SDD BGB1208 is capable of producing perfect bound documents up to 350 sheets (700 pages).
It is used online with an Océ printer but can also be hand-fed if required.
Various options are available to optimize book production. These include a three-knife trimmer to ensure that each book is delivered in a fully finished condition ready for distribution. The trimmer connects directly to the binder ensuring seamless book-making.

A further option is a rotator which ensures optimum printer productivity when producing smaller books.

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