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Large Format Print head Warranty

If you have performed the image quality checks and followed the User Manual recommendations and your print head continues to fail, you may be eligible for a print head warranty claim.  Please print the Print head warranty Claim Form V3.0 and follow the instructions.

  • To check your image quality click here 
  • If continued print head failure, complete the iPF series* Warranty Claim form (download on right) 
  • Return the print head and requested documents to your local Canon sales office
  • On validation of the claim a new print head will be issued

Important Notes

  • The print head warranty applies to the imagePROGRAF iPF series.
  • iPF series* Print heads only are covered for warranty claims
  • If the print head was damaged prior to Installation, please contact your reseller for further assistance.
  • Be sure that all Manufacturer Guidelines are followed within the User Manual to maintain the performance of the print head.
  • Before making any print head adjustments, be sure that the latest firmware is installed. To check the latest Firmware level for your device, please click here.
  • Please be sure to execute the Status Print within the device User Menu to retain key information relating to the print head.
  • The print head warranty is valid for one year or until the print head counter reaches 1 trillion ink drops. To check whether you are within this limit, when “Status Print” is executed, please check that the last digit is “a” this signifies the internal drop counter is within 1.0E12. For an example, please click here

*The iPF Series warranty excludes PF01, PF02 and non iPF Series type printheads. For more information please contact your Service Provider.

Warranty Claim Form
Download a Form [PDF, 116 KB]