Zünd G-Series

Product Specifications

9 cutting systems

For effortless cutting of display graphics

9.1m.s2 acceleration in vector direction

Get accurate, high-speed results

2 modules

Choose from Universal Module or Routing Module

ProCut Software

Prepares cut data, optimal nesting and automatic operation of cutter

Additional tools

Universal Cutting Tool, Kiss-Cutting Tool, Electric Oscillating Tool, Router, Creasing Tools, Driven Rotary Tool.

Prikaži sve

Detaljne specifikacije


Work area (WxH)

2500 M: 1330 x 2500 mm ( 52”x98”)
2500 L: 1800 x 2500 mm ( 70”x98”)
3200 L: 1800 x 3200 mm (70”x125”)
1600 XL: 2270 x 1600 mm (89” x63”)
3200 XL: 2270 x 3200 mm ( 89”x125”)
1600 XXL: 2740 x 1600 mm (107”x63”)
3200 XXL: 2740 x 3200 mm (107”x125”)
1600 XXXL: 3210 x 1600 mm (128”x125”)
3200 XXXL: 3210 x 3200 mm (128”x125”)
Max. roll weight 20 kg/m2
Material clearance 60 mm (2")

Common display graphics applications

Floor graphics
Rigid signs
Window decals
Car decals
Packaging prototypes
3D displays
And much more

Max. material weight

55 kg/m2

Max. roll weight

20 kg/m

Max. roll diameter

350 mm (13”)


(+/- 0.03 mm (0.001”))

Preciznost pozicioniranja

(+/- 0.1 mm/m, static at constant temperature)


1-1414 mm/s, in vector direction


Max. 9.1 m/s2, in vector direction, may vary depending on modules in use and cutter size

Material clearance

60 mm (2.3”)

Available tool module

Universal Module
Routing Module

Available tools

Universal Cutting Tool
Kiss-Cutting Tool
Electric Oscillating Tool
Pneumatic Oscillating Tool
Creasing Tools
Driven Rotary Tool (for textile)
V-Cut Tool (end 2008)

Available accessories and options

Conveyor System
Roll-off unit
Ergonomic PC stand


ProCut software for preparation of cut data, optimal nesting and automatic operation of the cutter along cut lines with 100% accuracy