Photographer Alexandra Andreeva stands on a Paris street photographing an ivy-covered building with a Canon EOS R8.


Make the leap with the EOS R8

Join content creator Alexandra Andreeva as she steps up to full-frame and tests Canon's new hybrid mirrorless camera.

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Alexandra Andreeva stands holding a Canon EOS R8, with a large building behind her out-of-focus. TRAVEL

Canon EOS R8: green Paris full-frame challenge

See how the EOS R8 enabled content creator Alexandra Andreeva to step up to full-frame and complete a series of photo and video assignments.

08 February 2023
A Canon EOS R8 sitting on green leaves rich in colour and captured from above. KIT

EOS R8 vs EOS R7 vs EOS RP

Canon experts highlight some of the key differences between the EOS R8 and the closest mid-range EOS R System models.

08 February 2023
A leafless tree silhouetted against the starry night sky, shot in black and white on a Canon EOS R5 by Mauro Tronto. PRINT

Printing low-light landscapes

Master of low-light photography Mauro Tronto shares his secrets for printing minimalist images with professional results.

03 February 2023
A close up of a person holding a Canon EOS R6 Mark II camera in their left hand. KIT

The best Canon cameras for shooting video

Expert advice on the best cameras for video, whether you're a filmmaker or videographer looking to upgrade, or you're new to shooting films.

01 February 2023
A fashion shot taken by Jaroslav Monchak on a Canon EOS R5 showing a model looking over her left shoulder at the viewer. There is a bright red wall to the side and her shadow is being cast in red onto a wall behind her. PORTRAITS

Video portrait tips and techniques

Discover how portrait, commercial and fashion photographer Jaroslav Monchak brings his video portraits to life.

30 January 2023
A close up of filmmaker Elisa Iannacone looking at the vari-angle touchscreen of a Canon EOS C70 camera with an expanse of water and pink-hued skyline in front of her. KIT

What's the best kit for filmmaking?

When you're shooting video, the cameras and lenses have to fit the outlay you have available. Here, we lay out top options for filmmakers on lower, mid-range and higher budgets.

26 January 2023
Photographer and filmmaker Teddy Morellec reveals the moments his EOS R System kit helped him capture killer shots in tough situations. SPORTS & ACTION

4 times the EOS R System saved the day

Photographer and filmmaker Teddy Morellec reveals the moments his EOS R System kit helped him capture killer shots in tough situations.

23 January 2023
A woman sits at a desk on which is a Canon DP-V2730 reference monitor, speakers and video editing equipment. KIT

Choosing the right 4K monitor for you

Check out Canon's range of high-quality reference monitors, with Native 4K and HDR.

19 January 2023
A black Canon CR-N700 PTZ camera. KIT

New updates for Canon’s live video production kit

From camcorders to new automated apps, find out how Canon's broadcast ecosystem is meeting the demand for high-quality live production.

27 January 2023
A Canon EOS R8 with a Canon RF 24-50MM F4.5-6.3 IS STM lens attached, sitting on a roll of colourful fabric with a pair of scissors and a French Curve behind it.  PRODUCT NEWS

Full-frame, full-featured: what the EOS R8 can do

Great autofocus and low-light performance, 40fps, pro video features – six ways the full-frame hybrid EOS R8 can widen your creative horizons.

08 February 2023
A Canon CR-N700 PTZ camera fixed to a metal bar. PRODUCT NEWS

Future-proofing workflows with Canon's PTZ cameras

From pan-tilt-zoom cameras to controllers, firmware and apps, Canon is adding even more diversity to its integrated imaging system.

27 January 2023
A Canon EOS C70 cinema camera, against a yellow background. PRODUCT NEWS

Canon EOS C70 firmware update released

Eye AF, XC Protocol, Flex Zoom support and more are included in the latest free download, giving you even more from the innovative EOS C70.

16 November 2022

ISE 2023

The world's largest exhibition for AV and systems integration professionals.

17 November 2022
The front and back of a Canon EOS R6 Mark II against a dark background. PRODUCT NEWS

Canon EOS R6 Mark II: features not to miss

From a record-breaking 40fps burst mode to 6K RAW filming at 60p, the EOS R6 Mark II sets new standards in the EOS R System lineup.

02 November 2022
A Canon EOS R5 camera with a Canon RF 5.2mm F2.8L Dual Fisheye lens positioned on a mossy surface next to fallen autumn leaves. PRODUCT NEWS

Meet the Canon RF 5.2mm F2.8L Dual Fisheye

Capture the world in virtual reality with this groundbreaking stereoscopic L-series lens.

14 September 2022
A dart captured at the moment it pierces a soap bubble, with the bubble just starting to burst. NEWS

New updates for the EOS R3, EOS R5 and EOS R6

Firmware updates unlock new features and boost performance in Canon's pro mirrorless cameras, including 195fps burst shooting in the EOS R3.

25 August 2022

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