Camera & Lens Focus Matching

Camera & Lens Focus

Fine-tuning for your photography

Canon camera systems and lenses are manufactured to extremely high precision standards for the ultimate image quality. Therefore, over time small movements in components caused by frequent or heavy use can result in tiny changes in focus accuracy that the keen-eyed photographer may notice.

What we do

For reliable, pin-sharp focus we can match the autofocus (AF) on your favourite lens and camera combinations or adjust the AF to match a Canon Tool product. Using precision tools and expertise we will either adjust the camera to match the lens or vice versa to restore perfect focus.

Two services are available:

Camera Focus Match

Lens Focus Match

What we do

Important information

You can either request that your camera body or lens is focus matched to a Canon Tool product (body or lens) or your own product (body or lens).

• If you want your camera or lens focus matched with another of your own products, please provide at least 1 body and 1 lens.

• If you want your product focus adjusted to match a Canon Tool product (body or lens), please inform the Canon Service & Repair centre which Canon Tool product (model name) you would like to have used.

• You may also book in additional products if needed (for example, match 1 camera to 3 lenses, or match 1 lens to 2 cameras), however the applicable service charge will be applied to each Focus Match service that is performed.

Important information

• If a fault is identified with your product during your requested Maintenance Service, the Canon Service & Repair Centre will contact you to either request a copy of your proof of purchase to validate your Canon warranty (if not already provided) or, if your product is no longer covered by its Canon warranty, to discuss chargeable repair options (i.e. fixed price repair, repair limit or time & cost estimate).

• There is no repair warranty on subsequent faults not identified during Maintenance Service.

Important information-2

Pricing guide

Service Pricing

Camera Type Camera Focus Match

Lens Type Lens Focus Match
Prime EF, EF-S & DO €54
Zoom EF, EF-S & DO €66

All prices include VAT and return shipping. Pricing excludes inbound shipping.

CPS Members can take advantage of the Fast Track turnaround times appropriate to their membership level.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

These services are available from Canon Service & Repair Centres - for enquiries please email Local CPS Authorised Service Partners may offer equivalent or similar services.
Click to follow the repair process and find your nearest Canon Service Centre.

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