Canon PowerShot N100

PowerShot N100

With an innovative rear-facing Story Camera, great image quality and enhanced connectivity, the Canon PowerShot N100 lets you get creative and turn your images into stories.


  • Turn images into stories; capture the subject and yourself with Story Camera & Dual Capture
  • Shoot confidently anywhere with a bright, ultra wide, 5x zoom lens
  • Get stunning results in any light with the high performance sensor, HS System & Intelligent IS
  • Story Highlights intelligently selects your best memories to create movie albums
  • Connect easily with smartphones and share on social networks via Wi-Fi with NFC
  • Convenient viewing with a large, high resolution, tilt-up touchscreen
  • Hybrid Auto with Dual Capture introduces your expressions to the movie summary of your day
  • Capture 6 unique images automatically with Creative Shot and explore the possibilities with Creative Filters and Background Defocus

Detaljne karakteristike

Detaljniji pregled za Canon PowerShot N100

Turn images into stories

The Story Camera above the LCD monitor tells your side of the story by capturing your expressions and reactions, and then Dual Capture adds them to each photo or video.

Relive your memories

Story Highlights automatically selects photographs and movies taken of certain people, events, or dates, and intelligently combines them into a movie album. Each album is a two to five minute movie you can enjoy on the camera or share via Wi-Fi.

Fantastic flexibility

The bright f/1.8 Canon lens lets you shoot in very low light and at higher shutter speeds. Get great group shots with the 24mm ultra-wide angle lens and capture every detail with the 5x optical zoom and 10x ZoomPlus.

Stunning images, whatever the conditions

HS System excels in low light, capturing the real atmosphere without flash or a tripod. Advanced DIGIC 6 processing and a large, high performance CMOS sensor give exceptional image quality in all situations.

Say goodbye to blur

Intelligent IS automatically detects if your subject is moving and continually adapts the stabiliser to the scene, giving you sharp and detailed shots, even at full zoom or in low light.

Connect and share with your world

Wi-Fi lets you connect easily with home wireless networks, compatible printers or smart devices for effortless printing and sharing to social networks. The Mobile Device Connect Button and NFC make smartphone pairing even easier for quick sharing or remote control shooting.

Create stunning movies

Record Full HD movies at 30 fps with stereo sound and optical zoom to get you closer as you shoot. MP4 movie format ensures compatibility with a wide range of smart devices, allowing you to share confidently.

Cover all the angles

The high resolution LCD touchscreen offers superb visibility and tilting up to 90 degrees to give extra flexibility when shooting above crowds or at wai


Specifikacije proizvoda

Saznajte više o Canon PowerShot N100, njegovim karakteristikama i mogućnostima.

25mm Wide Story Camera

Fotoaparat za priče, okrenut ka osobi koja snima

Dual Capture

Zabeležite obe strane priče

Story Highlights

Inteligentno uređuje video album jednim dodirom

Great low-light shots

Odlični snimci pri slabom osvetljenju

Powerful DIGIC processing

Snažni DIGIC procesor

5x optical zoom, ultra wide-angle

Ultraširokougaoni objektiv sa 5x optičkim zumom

Tilt to shoot up high or down low

Nagnite da biste snimali iz visokog ili niskog položaja

Share and backup images wirelessly

Bežično delite slike i pravite njihove rezervne kopije

NFC simplifies smartphone sharing

NFC pojednostavljuje deljenje preko smartfona

12.1 Megapixel CMOS

CMOS senzor od 12,1 megapiksela

Steady shots in every situation

Stabilne slike i video zapisi u svakoj prilici

Zoom to 10x without losing quality

Zum do 10x bez opadanja kvaliteta

Wide aperture

Veliki otvor blende

Hybrid Auto

Jednostavno snimanje uz pregled video zapisa

Creative Shot

6 jedinstvenih slika pomoću jednog snimka

Create SLR style background blur

Kreirajte zamućenje pozadine u SLR stilu

1080p movies

1080p video zapisi

Eco Mode

Ušteda energije za veći broj snimaka