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What is this all about?

As our lives have changed, so have our ways of working and expressing our creativity. But, when we see a challenge, we treat it as an invitation to see the world in a new way, an opportunity to reimagine. 
Join our Canon Ambassadors, community and experts as they challenge their own creativity to adapt to the everchanging world, to develop, inform and entertain our Canon Connected community.

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Here are the highlights from our Canon Connected series.
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More tips, tricks and inspiration

Learn more from our community of Canon Ambassadors, professional photographers and filmmakers, and inspirational creatives in these stories and tutorials.



    8 tips for standout moon photography

    Right place, right time, right kit… lunar photographer Andrew Fusek Peters shares his favourite gear and techniques for shooting the moon.


    Mastering the art of food photography

    Natural lighting, complementary colours and creative props – photographer and blogger Linda Lomelino reveals the ingredients you need for mouthwatering food shots.


    A day in the life of a garden photographer

    Clive Nichols, who has specialised in garden photography for more than 30 years, takes us through a typical day in his working life.


    3 DIY photo accessories

    Make your own softbox, spotlight tube for focused light, and beanbag to steady your camera.


    Lights, camera, splatter… experiments with tilt-shift

    Artist and photographer Robert Lösch combined his passion for painting and action photography armed with a Canon EOS R and tilt-shift lenses.


    Focus stacking to increase depth of field

    Three Canon photographers, shooting images from macro to landscape, explain how focus stacking helps get more in focus throughout an image.


    Time for reflection: self-portrait tips

    Composition, lighting, props… master the art of self-portrait photography with Canon Ambassadors Wanda Martin and Marina Karpiy.


    Abstract macro photography: shooting soap bubbles

    Discover how to shoot striking, colourful abstract macro images of soap film with this easy step-by-step guide.

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